Miquel Jolis interview

Interview with Miquel Jolis: “Andorra is in a change process accelerated by Covid”

Date: 23. November 2021

Author: Horwath HTL Spain

Diari d’Andorra interviews Miquel Jolis, Horwath HTL’s new consultant.

Miquel Jolis is a consultant who works at Horwath HTL, a hotel, tourism and leisure consultancy, leader in its sector. Recently incorporated, Jolis develops his work in the offices of Andorra, Madrid and Barcelona.

Recently, the country’s most important written press, Diari d’Andorra echoed the news and decided to interview Mr. Jolis. In this interview they addresse issues such as the current situation of the sector in Andorra and its future


What job does a Hotel Consultant do?
He is a specialist who understands the diversity of areas of the hotel business. This vision allows us to provide advice with high added value to entrepreneurs in the industry and the sector by providing solutions.

What areas can it affect?
In our case, we can work in all areas of the hotel sector, and also all areas related to tourism and leisure. We can develop financial or business restructuring projects, hotel valuations (with RICS international certification), planning and development of hotel projects or review of business plans.

Are companies open to external consulting?
The hotel industry is probably one of the most complex branches of business in the country. On the other hand, and also derived from the evolution of the business itself, at times entrepreneurs require external and independent visions in order to develop important milestones along the way.

What is Andorra’s hotel business landscape looking like?
Andorra is currently in a very important and historic process of change, probably accelerated by Covid. Unlike other snow destinations, there is a worrying disparity in some business variables, probably motivated by seasonality, and the lack of shared and aligned policies across the country’s hotel industry. Despite this fact, it is a country with high potential.

What can the sector do to overcome staff shortages?
This is a problem that we are observing not only in the country, but also in Spain, as an example. Improving working conditions, professionalisation, training and the adoption of more attractive labor policies will encourage staff loyalty to companies.

How important is it to unlock the country with the airport?
With large infrastructures, it is necessary to be clear about their performance and the improvements they would bring. We believe that this first step is a great step forward in opening up the country.

What role should hospitality play in the future of tourism?
The future of the hotel industry in the country requires attracting a customer with greater purchasing power, which generates less pressure in the territory with longer stays throughout the year. Our sector is the most transversal of all and, therefore, generates wealth in the rest of the economic and social activities of the country.

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