Calas de Mallorca Resort

Calas de Mallorca Resort – Mallorca

Key Service: Strategic Advice
Location: Mallorca
Product: Strategic Advice
Office: Spain

Calas de Mallorca Resort

Work Scope:
Strategic Advice and Hotel Transactional Support

Project Description:

It is a 70´s complex of a five-star with 875 rooms located on the seafront that over time had become obsolete.Two of its buildings were downgraded to three stars and the third came close to going down to one star.Limited review of the hotel complex and market study of the destination.Conceptualization of the product and distribution of the same. Definition of marks.Search and hire an investor with capacity for the purchase of the entire complex and the execution of the investments necessary for the re-positioning of the same in three differentiated products: Adults Only, Long Stay and Vacations club.

Project status: After the comprehensive reform of the first building, an increase in the sale of rooms during the first year of double digits has been achieved. The second phase will complete the reform of the entire complex with the re-branding completed with a date scheduled for April 2017.