W Hotel Barcelona

W Hotel Barcelona – Barcelona

Key Service: Strategic Advice
Location: Barcelona
Product: Strategic Advice
Office: Spain

W Hotel Barcelona

Scope of work: Strategic Consultancy, Best Use of Land, Operators Search, Valuations and Project Finance.

Project Description: The UT organized a competition for a selection of the hotel industry which Horwath HTL was awarded. We completed a market study of Barcelona, and the destination in particular, to know the best concepts that could be developed in at the port of Barcelona. Our feasibility study the search and contracting of the hotel operators, gourmet restaurant, the Spa, the Lounge and Bars.

Project status: According to the bank union, Horwath HTL made the contracts with each operator in order to meet the finance requirements of the project with a total of 165 million euros. The project, currently in operation, has become one of the hotel benchmarks in the market, becoming a unique building on the skyline of Barcelona. This become the first Wella building in Europe. In 2014, the UT sold the hotel for a total of 200 million euros to the investment fund.