Hotel Concept Engineering Analysis (HCEA)

By Horwath HTL Spain on 6. mayo 2020

Hotel Concept Engineering Analysis

Hotel Concept Engineering Analysis (HCEA) aims to carry
out a thorough analysis of each cost centre, business model,
as well as the services offered by a hotel, so that strategic
decisions can be made related to both the range of services
and their format. HCEA has been specially designed to help
hotel managers, independent hotels, and hotel chains in
their adaptation to the market situation where we will find
ourselves at the end of the current crisis.

Our success is based on the application of a proprietary
tool that allows us to study in depth the performance
of the hotel in question to be able to determine, using
carefully defined metrics, actions that allow decisions to
be made that allow adaptation, improvement, correction
or elimination of certain areas depending on the areas of
business analysed.

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