Transaction Advisory

Hospitality assets, such as hotels and resorts, are complex real estate types with significant land use value depending on their operational performance.

Their performance is more susceptible to greater market fluctuations, location issues, management sophistication and high capital investment than other real estate classes such as office or retail.

Transacting hospitality assets require a special market understanding and product expertise.

Due Diligence is absolutely key for both the buyer and seller to mitigate the risks and understand the true value of the transaction.


  • Due Diligence for acquisition or disposal of single properties or portfolios
  • Financing
  • Structuring Joint Ventures, M&A
  • Search for investors and opportunities
  • Real Estate-FFOO portfolio advice

Other Services

  • Restructuring and refinancing
  • Searching for public-private financing
  • Review prior to mortgage financing
  • Insolvency situations
  • Independent Business Review
  • Economic-financial analysis of projects
  • Advice in special situations
  • Limited revisions
  • Study and analisis of projections
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial sustainability report
  • Negotiations and expert reports, ratification and defense
  • Provide support to management teams
  • Feasibility plans and studies
  • Income studies

Horwath HTL Projects