Hotel Asset Management

Understanding what strategies and management practices result in increased cash flow and value is the key to asset management.

We will make detailed recommendations on how to improve business performance while evaluating your internal processes against the best the industry can offer.

Our approach is always to maximise the value of our client’s interests and to ensure a hotel asset is performing to the best of its ability.

Hotel Agile Mining X.0

Within the area of asset management is Hotel Agile Mining X.0, a service that makes agile methodologies available to hoteliers and companies in the tourism sector.

Agile methodologies mark the path that hotel organizations have to travel in the spirit of achieving efficiency and perpetually establishing continuous improvement in their structures.

They allow us to work both at the corporate level and in each of the establishments, safeguarding and enhancing at all times the value for which the customer pays our services and eliminating everything that is not valued, produces noise in the organization or robs time of its components.

Agile methodologies:

  • Improve the income statement
  • Increase the degree of satisfaction and engagement of the teams
  • Improve the final customer service and, therefore, the reputation of our business models

In this current scenario of hotel management, a great differentiation will occur between agile organizations and those that are not.

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  • Operational Review / Audit
  • KPI Analysis & Benchmarking
  • F&B & other Department Analysis
  • Optimisation of Sales & Cost Structures
  • Performance & Future Reservation Outlook
  • GOP & EBITDA Display of Lease & Rental Potential
  • Cash Ratios, Debt Positions
  • Strategic FF&E Planning
  • CAPEX Requirements & Investments
  • Support for Owners in Budget Negotiations
  • Operator Search & Selection

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