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Arum group in collaboration with Philip Bacon: “Designing a Wellness Resort”

Date: 24. February 2021

Author: Philip Bacon MRICS, FCA

Designing a Wellness Resort

Wellness Resort facilities are no different from other types of hospitality-based real estate: guest experience and operational efficiency are fundamental in the resort design process. These destinations promote experience packages that include accommodation and meals, as well as wellness-related services. While accommodation is needed because the guest will be staying overnight, typically for around seven days, the room itself is not the demand-driver.

For help in defining some of the guest-experience factors that play a role in the development of a successful Wellness Resort, we turned to Philip Bacon, Senior Director of Horwath HTL, an international hotel, tourism and leisure consulting firm with 49 offices in 39 countries. Horwath’s Health & Wellness division has undertaken high-profile wellness retreat projects in countries including the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, and Norway, among many others, and they are well versed in the expectations of a variety of wellness clients. Philip shares with us here his perspective on designing a Wellness Resort.

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