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Sandton Capital Partners and Horwath HTL, together facing covid-19 financial crisis

Date: 14. October 2021

Author: Horwath HTL Spain

Sandton Capital Partners and Horwath HTL, together to offer financial solutions against the covid-19 crisis to the tourism, hotel and leisure sector.

Horwath HTL and Sandton Capital, together facing alternative financing solutions aimed at the tourism branch of activity.

Both Horwath HTL, a world leader in its sector, and Sandton Capital Partners work with the main objective of promoting financing services to the Spanish and Portuguese hotel sectors.

Sandton Capital Partners inició su actividad en 2009 con un volumen de transacciones ejecutadas de 1,5 billones de dólares, con enfoque geográfico en América del Norte y Europa.

Ignacio Arambarri, head of Sandton Capital Partners for the Iberian market points out: “We specialize in providing solutions for situations that are too difficult to navigate for the more traditional sources of capital, providing creative solutions tailored according to the nature and need of each company.  We even support administrative teams through a complex business transition or help a bank get out of a troubled loan. In any case, Sandton is a solid, flexible and effective source of capital for difficult situations ”.

Antoni Cuadrada, director and head of Horwath HTL, an expert specialist in Corporate Finance, carries out his duties advising players, investors and creditors in special situations, carrying out restructuring and turnarounds, as well as managing the financing of European funds.

Cuadrada comments: “The current circumstances arising from the Covid-19 health crisis, promote an environment of tension in the treasury of groups and hotel chains, where they also go through complex ratios to go to new sources of financing through traditional channels, such as banking.

With this agreement, Sandton Capital Partners and Horwath HTL offer an alternative solution of last resort for all the companies from the tourism, hotel and leisure activity branches”.