Namaskar Palace, Marrakech

Namaskar Palace, Marrakech – Morrocco

Key Service: Strategic Advice
Location: Morrocco
Product: Strategic Advice
Office: Spain

Namaskar Palace, Marrakech, Morrocco

Scope of Work:
Strategic Advisory

Project Description:

Horwath HTL was responsible for helping the owner of this luxury hotel (originally with 41 rooms and suites) to present a business plan to the property, prospective investors and buyers. The project benefitted of an extension that included 59 additional rooms and suites and 14 private residences for sale.

Horwath HTL conducted a review of the independent business plan, making recommendations to improve the development strategy and business model in order to prepare cash flow forecasts for the project. A strong relationship was built between Horwath HTL and the hotel owner and management team.

Project Status:
The owner was successful in selling the hotel.